Ornaments for Adoption

We were incredibly blessed to be connected with Megan a few months back.  She contacted us because she was interested in doing a fundraiser to help us with our adoption!  How awesome is God, and how amazing is she to have such a burden for orphans?  Along with Megan’s giving spirit, she also has amazing creative talents.  During the holidays she made adorable ornaments to raise money.  Brad and I were finally able to meet her and her husband in person this week over dinner to say THANK YOU for all of their generosity.  If our guys didn’t have to get up so early, we could have stayed there all night and talked!  Ornaments for Adoption ended back in December, but I thought I would post my message to her blog readers over here too.  Thanks again Megan for everything!

I can’t begin this post without first thanking Megan for her thoughtfulness, kindness, and generosity.  Her burden to help others goes beyond a typical calling, and has been a blessing to our growing family.  Her servant spirit has touched the lives of people she may never meet on this side of heaven.  It does not seem sufficient to say that we are indebted to her for her precious charity. In actuality, Megan and I have never met.  We were strangers just a few months ago, but have been brought together through the common bond of adoption.  

Megan and I each have our own unique stories, but the beautiful thing about these stories is that they are wrapped and intertwined in the Gospel.  When we, any of us who have been transformed by Christ, tell our stories, we are telling the story of who God is.  The story that God has written in my life is not the one that I would have imagined, nor is it the one that I tried to plan for myself.  Though its a beautiful story, it is one that has been laced with heartache.

Despite the difficulties that we’ve faced through infertility, miscarriage, medical mysteries, and the weary waiting on our baby through adoption, there is at least one thing I’ve learned about heartache.  It is good.  Good in the way that failure is good, and change is good, and tribulation is good.  I’ve learned the hard way that heartache can come in the form of one of God’s greatest gifts.  It can be a useful tool.  Just like failure will teach us what not to do the next time, and change can be gut-wrenchingly scary but bring new joy, and tribulations make us stronger; heartache can push us to the edge of our faith.  It can devour us, pull us, berate us, and then remake us.  When we are finally standing on the other side of heartache, we can see how far we’ve come from the person that we use to be, to the person that we are now. 

Obviously, none of us can skip to the end and sneak a peek of our story, or even get a glimpse of the end of this chapter for that matter; however I can humbly say I’ve learned to embrace this thing called heartache.  I can come before you now and say that the heartache of losing our first baby has made me stronger.  The heartache of anxiously waiting for our next child has tested my faith and strengthened it as well.  When our heart aches, God aches with us, so it is not something we should run from.  We have been given a promise that we will never be left alone.  {Deuteronomy 31:6}

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of our story.  Through Ornaments for Adoption, you will always be a part of this glorious journey.  I can’t wait for the day that I get to put Christmas ornaments on the tree with a little chubby toddler in footed pajamas, and get to tell them of our story.  The story of how so many strangers and friends alike came together to help bring our baby home.  Merry Christmas and God bless you all for your kindness, support, donations, and prayers.