Worth the Wait

We are thrilled to finally get to share our news with you! AndeAnnouncement

It was a rare snowy day towards the end of January.  I was getting together the sugar and vanilla while Brad stepped outside barefoot to get the bowls of snow he’d collected.  We had just begun to make our snow cream when my phone rang from an unknown number for the third time.  I finally decided to answer it and was surprised to hear our case worker on the other end of the line.

We had been matched with a birth mother again!

Sugar was thrown on the floor and snow quickly melted as my spoon dropped to the counter.  I raced to grab a pen to try to write down everything my mind could comprehend.  As our case worker spelled out the details of this situation over the speakerphone, an unknown fear crept into my body like a paralyzing injury being replayed in slow motion.  All I could think was I can’t do this again. My heart had barely healed.

I knew in my mind that only the Grace of God would bring this unique situation to us, and would do it so quickly after our heartbreak.  Before ending our conversation with our case worker, we cautiously agreed to pursue this situation.  There were about two and half weeks from when we were selected, until we actually got to meet the birth family of our daughter.

Sitting around an old country table at the local Cracker Barrel, sharing brunch and exchanging stories, all of my fears were completely eased.  As hard as the last seven years of trying to start a family have been, it was all leading up to this.  

Worth the Wait.

This is Katelynn, and her parents Charles and Ann.


Charles and Ann adopted Katelynn as a young teenager.  She came from unfortunate circumstances, overcoming many obstacles.  This is a low risk placement, though there are still no guarantees in any situation.  I share her story, with the permission of her parents, because her story is becoming a part of our story.  Our goal all along has been to give God the glory of this amazing journey!  There are some sensitive details that we choose to keep private, and will share with our daughter in due time.  However, we know that the Lord is using Katelynn and her parents, and this pregnancy for GOOD.

We are immeasurably blessed by the grace of God, and by those of you who have traveled this journey with us. We know that good things come to those who wait patiently on the Lord.  In all of happiness and gain, Christ is better.  In all of our sorrow and pain, Christ is enough. Our hope is now, and has been throughout this journey, that Christ be magnified.  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow Christ be magnified.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.  Romans 8:28