Keeping In Step

I’m usually terrible with dates.  I can’t ever remember my best friends’ birthdays.  I do well to remember the month.  Thank you Facebook for helping me not look like a jerk.  But I do remember The Date.  It only took my husband an entire month to convince me we were ready.  Yes, he had to convince me.  May 27, 2007 was our first anniversary, so do the math: one month of convincing + one last day on the pill and we arrive at June 28th.   We had 13 glorious months of marital bliss before this day.  And then it happened.

(Cue the dramatic music…)

We began trying to start a family.  We were innocently ignorant to the ways of the world and how things don’t always turn out the way that you imagine them in your storybook fairy-tale.  Fast forward to over four years later and we have yet to add a chubby bundle of joy into the mix.  However, there are a lot of I-wish-I-was-a-fly-on-the-wall-stories that happened between The Date and now. Some of those moments make me laugh, and others chronicle some of our darkest days.

That is where Keeping In Step comes in.  My first blog, albeit lacking in consistency, was the story of our in-betweens.   The story of when we packed up and moved to the Northern Carolina away from family and friends to start a new journey. Don’t forget about the craziness that happened at the beginning of 2009 that involved not one but TWO surgeries, and the joy of finding out about our first baby, and the heartbreak of having to say goodbye.  And one of my favorite stories is about the day I never want to forget.  Yes, the in-betweens aren’t always easy or the most entertaining, but this is our life and I’m grateful for those precious memories.

I guess what I’m trying to say is Welcome! to the new blog.  Feel free to look back and see how we got from there to here, and don’t be afraid to ask question or leave comments.  I like both of those!


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