July 31

I had 426 days to imagine what this phone call would be like.

Any call from an unknown number would instantly send me into a frenzy.

I tried to fabricate random scenarios in my mind to prepare for anything.

Nothing I could have envisioned was as perfect as July 31st.

My sister, sister-in-law, and three nieces were visiting for a few days.  We’d had a lazy morning and were starting to get ready for our day.  As I went upstairs to get my shower, I noticed that I had a missed call & voicemail from an unknown number.  I started to get undressed as I listened to the message, not realizing I would spend the next hour pant-less  from all of the excitement.

{Now, I’m sure you are starting to understand what my excitement was all about, but before I go any further I need to say something.  We are choosing to share this information because we want to give God the glory.  Simply put, we want Him to be praised no matter what has happened or will happen during this journey.  Some may think sharing this news is premature since there are no guarantees in this unpredictable thing called Life.  We’ve never hidden from sharing the bad with the good, and we want you to share in our excitement, despite the outcome.}

As soon as I called my case worker back, she asked me to grab a pen & paper so that I could write down as many details as my mind could comprehend.  I had an out of body experience as I wrote, trying to understand what she was saying and mainly focusing on not passing out.  She described in explicit detail the circumstances surrounding the woman who wanted to choose us to raise her child.

The next pant-less hour is a bit of a blur as I asked her questions, called Brad to share the news with him, and tried to talk slow enough to explain everything to my sisters & oldest nieces.  My favorite part of the day, aside from that one phone call, was (after putting my pants back on…) gathering in a circle and praying by name for the woman who is carrying my child.

In everything that I tried to imagine about what that day would look like, I could have never dreamed that I would be surrounded by family.  The Lord, in His ultimate wisdom knew exactly what I needed in that moment.  I’m so thankful that His plans are better than my dreams!

Our son is due to be born on November 15, 2013.

I’ll be sharing more details soon!


8 thoughts on “July 31

  1. Libby!!! There just aren’t words to describe how happy I am for you and Brad. I am praying for you and Brad and for this precious baby boy. Please keep us updated on how we can pray more specifically or any way we can help you to prepare for his arrival (in 2 months!!!). I love you!

  2. I think about your news frequently! I get a huge smile on my face and a little flutter in my heart with excitement for you! Praying for baby broccoli and can’t wait to hear the news that he is in your arms.

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