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We did something this weekend that I’ve laid in bed at night and dreamed about for years.  We created a registry for Baby Broccoli.  Though it was still glorious, it didn’t quite turn out like I had envisioned that it would.  To begin, the first place that we went to was relocating. Everything was clearanced out and there was only about a quarter of the merchandise still left in the store.  Fail. Since the next option was across town, we opted to wait for the following day to register.  I didn’t sleep that night from excitement!

If I had been a little wiser, I would have laid there and try to prepare myself for all of the things that were NOT going to be like my golden dreams of a perfect world.  Simply put, baby registries are not designed for adopting parents.  They are beautifully built around the expectant mother who is glowing in all her pregnant glory.  An ugly reminder to a woman like myself.  One of the first things that they inquire about: due date.

Geez!  My initial thought was, I’m not even guaranteed to get a baby, and I need to try to pick out a random date anywhere between now and 2014?  Um, can I get a divinely inspired answer please God?  

Boy or Girl?  Not sure, just put surprise!

Do you know the dates of your baby showers?  No, I guess that can be a surprise too.

Have you thought about what travel system or bottles you want to use?  Blank stares were exchanged.

Needless to say, it took us about 10 or 15 minutes to overcome our shock, and then we were just consumed with being overwhelmed with all of our options.  The excitement was still there, it may have just been riddled with fear.  Oh, and we also received a free bag of goodies for registering.

Here are just a few useless gifts in our baggie: Fit Pregnancy magazine, cream for the nursing mother, vitamins for expectant mothers, coupons for creams & vitamins, nursing pad thingys, lotion for growing bellies, and breast milk storage bags.

There were two different ways that I could have chosen to handle these unexpected, um, blessings.  I could have let it turn my attitude sour, or I could take it all in stride.  I chose the latter, I think.  I’ll admit that it wasn’t easy to skip a large section of the store because it didn’t apply to our situation.  Or not be able to pick out gender-specific clothes.  Or avoid eye contact with people so they didn’t ask when my due date was.  We managed to get through it though. It turned out that we really did have fun; exhausting. overwhelming, I-can’t-believe-we-finally-got-to-do-that-fun.

I was mesmerized watching Brad try to figure out the strollers. He went crazy in the toy section, and was very particular when we got to the bottles.  We walked out of the store smiling and holding hands.  Despite the reminders of things that are not, there were even more delightful reminders of things that are to come.  Little bitty, teeny tiny things.

And while we’re talking about it, Here is our registry.  Can you think of anything that we forgot?


4 thoughts on “buy buy baby

  1. So excited for you, Lib! I looked at your registry and you really seem prepared! I don’t know if there was a thermometer on there, but that is something you may need (an instant-read kind!) Also, my experience with a baby backpack seems that it is much nicer for the daddy than the mommy. Especially when baby moves to the back. A Moby wrap is nice when they are little and snuggly. It is sooo comfy. And if they move out of that, a mei tai type carrier (infantino has some) is good. Something with soft, wide straps. A friend of mine swears by Hot Slings. She loves hers but I have never tried it. These things can be lifesavers, but they have to be comfy! Praying for you as the time to see your ittty bitty gets closer!

    • Mere, you’re a life saver! I would have never thought about a thermometer! The employee who was walking around assisting us for the first few minutes discouraged me from registering for a sling-type carrier because she didn’t like them. She also didn’t have children. I want one though, so I definitely think I will now! Thanks again for the advice! You’re the best!

      • We have the Exergen Temporal Thermometer. (we also have the regular thermometer for when the Exergen is reading high and we want to make sure that it is correct (it has always been within 2 degrees of other thermometers) I highly recommend it!

        I loved my moby wrap until Kelsi hit around 20 lbs (around 6-7 months for her) and we moved to the Ergo Sport. I LOVE my Ergo! It can be worn front, back and on the hip and is light weight. I tried the Mei Tai carrier, but Kelsi was too heavy and I could never get it to ties to feel secure with a wriggly baby. I liked the Ergo because it had buckles and seemed to be quicker to put on and off. It also supports the baby really well. I also have a ring sling that I use for quick outings for a hip carry. But Kelsi is to heavy to be comfortable in our ring sling for longer than an hour. (she is about 30 lbs now)

        BTW: I made both our Moby wraps and our Ring sling myself. Super easy!! Hope that helps! I am looking for another wrap to use for carrying (one that is not as stretchy for a toddler) I love babywearing! If you have any questions, let me know. Hope that helps some.

  2. How fun and exciting! I hate you have to have reminders of what is not but you are getting to experience a journey that a lot of mothers have not and that makes it even more special for you and brad. I think adoption is the biggest blessing in the world. You will be the biggest blessing to your future baby! Can’t wait to see your journey unfold!!

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