already so loved.

Our sweet baby Broccoli is so loved, already.  It makes this Mama’s heart so happy to know that our precious family and friends are not only praying with us but are excited to see our family growing.

Oh mercy, I was so thrilled to go to the mail box TWICE this week to find a surcee for our little bundle of joy!

One of my sweet friends from college, who is having a little boy towards the end of August, sent me a package with the most encouraging card, several outfits, and a handmade burp cloth that she made especially for us.  Wouldn’t it be perfect if we got a baby around the same time that she had her baby?  Ahhh, I get cold chills just thinking about it!  And guess what she’s naming her son…Bradley Christopher.

The next day, I got an even bigger package in the mail.  Except it wasn’t addressed to me. Or Brad.  The package was mailed to a Demetricleze Broccoli Brock.  (I think I spelled that right.)  My witty middle niece has lovingly nicknamed our child for us.  If you know her, you probably aren’t surprised.  When I opened the box, I squealed.  It was not a pretty lady-like squeal either.  I jumped up and down and started snorting laughing when I realized what it was…

Because this popped out of the box:

It is quite possibly the cutest stuffed toy in. the. whole. wide. world.  Have you ever seen a stuffed broccoli?  I thought something this cute only existed in my dreams.  Au, contraire.  He does exist and lives at my house now. In my baby’s rocking chair.  My big sister sent this to me and surprised my socks off.  Her card made me cry too!

Have I mentioned how blessed we are with our sweet family and friends?  And our baby (aka Demetricleze Broccoli Brock) is already loved by so many.  A million thank you’s ladies for your sweet thoughtfulness!


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