more paperwork. oh, joy!

Let’s laugh together while we read this line from our adoption agency, shall we?

“We recently learned that in order to remain in compliance with the federal Adam Walsh law pertaining to adoptions, all of our domestic adoptive families should have child abuse checks completed for each state you have resided in up to five years ago.”

Guess how long we’ve lived in NC?  About four years and nine months.  We just thought we were finished with our paperwork.  We aren’t complaining though.  This is just a beautiful journey.  (I am going to record that and play it on repeat.)  At least this SC background checks that we need aren’t too complicated to get.  We just have to pay more money, and fill out a paper asking them to make sure we aren’t sketchy people.

(Here’s another side note:  If you’ve ever lived in fear of identity theft, start the adoption process.  SO many people will know SO many intricate details of your life, that you will soon be cured.)  I guess this is kind of like childbirth, in the way that by the time the baby is finally out, you don’t care who has seen you-know-what, you’re just glad your babe is in your arms.  Now, I have the upmost faith that our agency will keep our information safe, but Heavens to Betsy, I’ve given my SS# so many times, I might as well tattoo it to my forehead.

Needless to say, we’re going to be waiting another week or so, hopefully no longer than that, until we can officially be put on the waiting list.  Waiting to wait.  This is such a beautiful journey.

Here’s the wrap up:

  • Submit check & paper work to SC for background checks.
  • Wait for that to be mailed back to adoption agency.
  • Send Profile Books to each office in NC. (We got those in the mail! They are everything I wanted them to be!)
  • Wait for our agency to send us our official approval letter.
  • Be put on the waiting list for a baby!
  • Wait, wait, wait.  Pray, pray, and PRAY!!

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