food for my soul

This past weekend was food for my soul, and I didn’t even know it was that hungry.  Evidently, I was running on empty.  But I got my fill thanks to my romantic hubby and some great fellowship with new friends.

Brad came home from work Saturday night, and said “Put on your fancy shoes, we’re going out tonight!”  His amazing spontaneity helps balance my obsessive need to plan out ever single detail of our lives.  On his way home from work, he bought concert tickets.  Not while he was at work, or that morning before he left.  During his 20 minute commute home, he used the glorious luxuries of his smart phone and planned a romantic evening for me, at red lights, I’m sure.

We caught some gourmet grub then we went to see Martina McBride.  I wouldn’t say that we are huge followers of Martina, but when you have impulsive dates, you just pick whatever concert is playing that night.  And my Boo picked well!  The especially neat thing about this concert was that it was held at the DPEC which is a smaller theater where large concerts are not normally held.  Martina McBride spoke about the intimate setting and how she felt closer to her audience.  Brad even let me sing a long to the songs!  It was a really neat and romantic experience!  

I know this isn’t the best picture but there was a fierce usher that took her job a little too seriously walking the isles.  She would call out anyone who took pictures.  I made Brad sneak some pictures just so I could blog about it.  You’re welcome!  After the concert, which included three encores, my honey drove me half an hour out of our way to get Krispy Kreme donuts.

The next night of our magical weekend, we were able to attend our first growth group of our new church.  We had dinner, fellowship, and prayer together.  We instantly felt like that was where we belonged.  I fell asleep that night thinking I am a blessed woman.  My cup runneth over.  Psalm 23:5 


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