something pretty to look at

We chose not to decorate the nursery with any theme.  We just wanted to make a nice neutral, calming place for a baby.  I bought these felt balls over a year ago knowing that I wanted to do something fabulous with them in the nursery.  I found this pin on Pinterest, and I was immediately inspired to make something pretty for our baby.

I didn’t follow any instructions, but here are some basic steps that I took.

1.  I used three different sizes of embroidery hoops, and only used the inside hoop so I didn’t have the metal edge to deal with.  I also use two braided dowels with one flat edge to connect my rings.

2. After marking where I needed to shorten my dowels, I cut them using my tinning sheers. Anything will cut like butter with those, but I’m not sure if its the most conventional way to go about things.

3.  I followed the directions on the box of the Gorilla Glue to connect all of the pieces together.  Then I weighed them down with two of our thickest theology books from our seminary days.  For good measures, I added the ESV study bible on top.  It’s not necessary, but it can’t hurt anything.

4.  It is good to remember that Gorilla glue expands to about 4 times its size.  Because I knew that my piece would be hanging from the ceiling, I wasn’t too worried about the extra glue showing.  I was more concerned about the mobile coming apart, than I was about showing a little bit of glue.

5.  While the pieces bonded together, I separated the felt balls into organized random piles.  Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I mean.  It has to look random, but you don’t want to randomly end up with three blues beside each other.  Hence, the Organized Random System.  Then I strung the felt balls with my Dandyline.  It has virtually no stretch, and a 50 lb breaking weight.  (I used a regular sewing needle to thread it through the felt balls, just make sure the needle is longer than your biggest felt ball!)

6.  I spray painted the wooden base, and then tied on all of my strung felt balls.  If I had to do it all again, I would probably choose smaller hoops.  I still love how it turned out though!

How do you think the final product turned out?


2 thoughts on “something pretty to look at

  1. I have always wanted to do something with felt balls, and now I know what I’ll do! Hope you don’t mind me stealing this….
    Fantastic job.

  2. At once, my eyes welt with tears……beautiful… colorful, and thought out. Each soft bead so lovingly and painstakingly coordinated and placed into its perfect place…..and hung in a perfect space. I see love.

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