Home Assessment: Part 1 of 3

It makes this Mama’s heart happy to check off another thing on our long list of things to do during the adoption process.  Today we did just that, by starting the home assessment phase.  Every time I try to explain it to my grandmother, she confusingly asks, “Why do they have to visit your house three times?  You would think they could see it all on the first visit.”  And then I explain, again, that the first two visits are actually at the agency’s office with our case worker, and the last visit is in our home.

Today, Brad and I both met with our case worker.  We got to go through the lovely mountain of paper work together.  We talked about how we got from point A to point B.  Point A being the moment that we decided that we wanted to be parents, and Point B being the decision to adopt.  It wasn’t an easy conversation to have; it actually brought back some painful memories.  But I also found it therapeutic.  It never gets old to look back and see how, through God’s grace and mercy, we have come this far.  Not only did we survive, but we are stronger because of it.

I also melted into a puddle on the couch as listened to my honey talk about wanting to be a Daddy.  I can’t think of anything else that can turn me to mush faster than hearing him explain his hopes and dreams for our future family.  He is going to be an amazing father!

We finally discussed our preferences of how open we wanted to be with the adoption and what we are willing to consider as far as the information that is available about the birthparents and health of the baby.  Basically, the more open that we are willing to be in accepting any circumstance, the faster the process goes.  Bethany, our adoption agency, allows the birthmother to choose the family that she would like to place her baby with, so the more open that we, the adoptive family are to the wishes of the birthmother, then our chances of being matched or “chosen” by a birthmother will be quicker.

Brad and I have chosen to have an open adoption, and we are willing to consider any baby that needs a forever home.  I’ll explain this to you more in a post later on, with some of my thoughts on this and how a lot of my preconceived notions have changed since we have attended seminars and training through our agency.  Our next step is meeting with our case worker separately next week!


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