Wife of the year.

I’m preparing my speech now.  For my wife of the year award.

I didn’t get the Hubs anything for Valentine’s Day.  Nothing.

In my defense, we said we weren’t going to exchange gifts.  So naturally, no gifts were exchanged.  But I forgot about The Card.  I am usually prepared for such occasions, but the thought of trying to find a $4 piece of paper that said exactly what I was feeling, didn’t even cross my mind this year.  The Hubs? He came through with flying colors!  There was a sweet card, (he always has a way with words), and he surprised me with dinner reservations to the Angus Barn.  It is quite possibly the most heavenly place for any lovers of red meat.  You have to make a reservation weeks in advance.  So he was romantic, AND thinking ahead.

We had wonderful dinner conversation that consisted of me laughing so hard, I snorted.  We talked about the adoption, and plans for the future, and we reminisced.  This is the year that we celebrate “a decade of…”  We’ve been together for 10 years now, and each holiday this year is our 10th together.  We tried to remember what we’ve done for each Valentine’s day since our first.  We failed miserably.

However, we did remember the time that I sent Brad on a scavenger hunt across the campus of our college.  I wrote poems to describe the clues; they even rhymed!  At each location, there was a gift waiting for him.  The first one was a picnic basket at the stair case where we met after class, and then two glasses by the swing in front of my dorm, and then sparkling grape juice and snacks around the campus, etc.  I was at the last location, on the front lawn waiting for him.  And we had a romantic picnic together.

I guess I’ll never top that year.  This post is to remind me of how romantic my husband is, and this was the year that I got him nothing.

I did manage to post this on his Facebook wall, does that count?

I’ll be preparing my speech now.


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