family pictures

We had some family pictures taken about a week ago.  My cousin’s long time friend, Will was able to work with this big crowd.  He’s been to several Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers, so he knew our dynamic very well.  We took these pictures behind my Nanny & Papa’s barn.  They have a beautiful field full of goats, and their neighbors have horses.  There is also one finicky bull that resides in the field too.  These are a few of my favorites, and some out-takes too.

All the guys having fun.

My twin and is lovely better half.

The Brownies!

Siblings & Cousins

Baby brother & his beautiful wife

Don’t let this bull fool you, he didn’t want to be friends.

Finn, the dog, has taken his place as favorite child.

She wanted to highlight the joys of photography in a field. Use your imagination.

Heavens, aren’t they adorable?

 My darling sister-in-law, Elizabeth, took the pictures of my honey and I separately.  We wanted some pictures that we could use in our adoption portfolio.

It was a glorious trip that went by way too fast.  Time spent with family is priceless, especially since we all live so far away.


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